Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A letter for you

INSTRUCTIONS: Take a breath, close your eyes for a second, and remember my voice. Listen to the song and read a few words that come from my heart, you put the words on my lips, the blessed lips that had the fortune to kiss every inch of your body.... you are able to give life to my dreams and to give poetry to my feelings.....

There is no beautiful rose in the world that can compare to your beauty, your smile, always so enchanting, your eyes, like stars lighting my path home, your body, an invitation to meet perfection. Only God knows how fortunate I feel, if you could feel my blood running through my body every time I see you, it’s difficult to breathe, to think, to speak, but it’s so amazingly wonderful to be alive by your side.

You are a woman, to all the expression of the word, a wonderful woman, a beautiful woman, an intelligent woman, a strong woman, and a brave woman.

You are not just any woman, you are the woman I love, the woman that takes my breath away, the woman that makes me smile with just hearing your name, the woman that makes me dream during the night and gives me peace during the day.

Without you there would be no me, because you are the best part of me, the most beautiful part of me, and I am proud to tell the world, that I am in love with you.

Te amo, my heart is always yours, my life is for you take, and my time is for you to spend. I have all my dreams and my desires at your feet, my heart is ready to love you eternally, my soul is ready to meet yours in a never ending kiss, and my lips, are every day thirstier of the sweet flavor of your lips.

I am here for you, always and forever, in love, in every second of my existence, loving you, missing you, wanting you, and desiring you, more every day, because you woman, beautiful wonderful woman, are the woman of my dreams, and that is why I can’t do anything else than.... Love you forever.

I love you with all my heart, my soul, my body, and my mind; I am yours in all the dimensions you could possibly imagine. Be sure, that I love you more every day.

So today I promise you that, it will not only be a day, that I will forever adore you, that by my side, it will always be your day, on the good times and even more on the bad times, I will be there. Today I promise you my love, my passion, my desire, and my strength to fight for you every day of our lives, and I will show the world how proud I am of loving you, a great beautiful woman, my woman.

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