Sunday, September 27, 2009

The father and his love

Today, a heart and a soul, feel the pain of a person who is gone. His love and care, will forever live in the smiles and the hearts of the family, because they are the result of his love and hard work during his life. This poem may seem simple, but nothing simpler than the love of a father to a daughter. A love that needs no explanation or reason, a love so strong that will engage in all to protect his eternal little girl. Today, to my friend, I give this poem, reminding you to remember, that you forever owned his heart. Be the best, and shine, like the bright star you are, just like you shined in your father's eyes. He will always shine with your light. I may have never met him, but I have seen your heart, and therefore I am sure that he was a wonderful man.

Daddy's little girl

The smile of the girl
was a gift her father carved
so whenever she went away
she always felt his love inside her heart.

The tears of the girl
were never due to him
but he was always gentle and tender
to wipe them from her cheeks.

The first real kiss of the girl
was given by her dad,
when she was born he held her close
so she could never leave his heart.

Even as time passed
and her life has taken its own path
he could always see the beauty
of her smile and her eyes.

The love of the father
was always his little girl
the one he kisses and loves
every night and every day.

Dedicated to Patrizia Angelelli and her family

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