Friday, August 22, 2008

Despair & Hope


The suffering has been too much, with a noble purpose, but without noble results. Time passes, love grows stronger, while bodies grow further apart. The fear of losing oneself in a sea of doubts and lack of trust, chills your spine, freezes your mind, and empties your heart. Feeling miserable, empty, and alone is only the beginning of a road to feel dead, loveless, which is worse, it is to be dead among the living, since a body without love is only a body, no heart, no soul, no dreams, and no hopes. Death takes over, but gives a slow painful death, takes only a small art every day, maintaining you lucid enough to know what you lack, to know what you miss. It allows you to know where is your soul, your heart, and your life, but in the mean time holding you so hard, so tight, so strong, that the veins, where your loveless blood flows, try to burst without a result, because death lets go for a second, lets you breath, lets you feel, see, smell, taste, dream, hope, and remember, before giving you once again that grip that has taken all away.


Life is all about wanting things. People teach us to dream, but do not teach us how to achieve them. Dreams are the second most beautiful thing in the world; the most beautiful thing is fighting for them. Dreams keep your spirit and soul young, alive, and joyful. Working for your dreams gives you the reason to keep believing every day, gives you the hope, and gives you the air you breathe, gives you a life, gives you the blood, which really flows into your heart. The correlation between dreams and hopes is absolutely high, because we can say that a person without dreams will never be happy. A person without dreams lives day to day. A person without dreams looses all, gives all away. A person without dreams will never feel the anxiety of getting close to achieving the dream. A person without dreams simply rolls in life. A person without dreams simply becomes a victim of his own lifeless choices. Since we have been given this life to live more than one day, therefore we must imagine our future, we must feel it, taste it, build it, and fight for it. It is in our natural innocence that we experiment the joy of dreams and sharing dreams. Growing up does not mean to stop dreaming, he dreams will always keep us young, dreams will always keep us alive. Follow your dreams, and you will find the road your heart must travel. Dreams exist to be achieved. Wise men say that anything a man is capable of dreaming is also capable of doing. Just look at your wings and set yourself free to fly in your dreams, until your dreams become your reality.