Tuesday, July 7, 2009


While the moment is seized with a broken voice
and the crystal look of newborn tears in my eyes,
and even if the smile fades away during those seconds,
the weight of sadness can not compare to the idea of us.

The smile imprinted on my lips was nothing more than your creation,
a smile that was always natural and a result of a thought of you,
the sad moments, were not even moments, because it was only one,
that precise moment you decided to fade away, to turn your back on me,
the moment which I saw my heart being broken, again.

I had my time and my effort to give you,
my hardest try and my honest heart to offer,
my defects and my short list of qualities,
but no matter what, all of them were for you.

Sadness fills me when I realize how much I feel
in the moment i see you walk away.
The moment is now, walk behind you or stay behind until you fade.
Make your dreams true or just forget.
Decisions, moments, feelings.
Sadness, happiness. Its up to me,
and for you, I would try all.

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