Friday, September 4, 2009

Love me like I want you to love me

I love you, maybe you do not understand the way I do it, maybe because you have never been loved this way, maybe you are just simply not used to it. Still, this does not change the fact that I love you. I know I say many things, maybe it appears to soon for them, but what to do when they are true words that express true feelings? Shall a man be silent and tie up his heart, or just take the risk of exposing his feelings. Balance is the key, of finding the best way to combine the will and desires of two persons, into a bigger and better desire for both.

Love is indeed a work of two persons, who have to understand each other. People say love is about sacrifices, I think its more of understanding each other, our pasts that made us this way, that one way that guided us to one another, that way which made us the person we both love today. So why try to change that person into something he or she is not? It’s a constant struggle between understanding what we want, how we want it, the person in our dreams and the reality of the person that has made our dreams real.

Of course, in the path of life we have met many people, and somehow with the mistakes we have learned what we do not want. That is simple, but leads us to one of the biggest mistakes we may do, select someone who is what we do not want, instead of doing the right thing of being with someone we really do desire to be with. It sounds the same, but with one, you are selecting by defects and on the other one you select by virtues. Knowing what we dislike is simple, that is why we fail, that is why we have experience, that is why we live, and learn, in order not to stumble with the same rock more than one time.

Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes - Oscar Wilde

Choosing by running away of what we do not want, leads us to other mistakes, to adding features and characteristics to that list of what we do not want. Therefore, why not take a risk of being with someone that shows you something different, something you do not understand, but you enjoy. Fear, passion, nervousness, thoughts, feelings, heartbeats.... all emotions and sensations, known and unknown, maybe inexplicable, probably the result of something new in our life. So why not take the risk of actually learning what we do want. Fear of the unknown is the first obstacle we need to learn to pass by. Changing our plans is another fact we need to learn to bend, because that person appears without knowledge of our plans, nobody is handed a list of plans of all humans and then decides who to approach based on common plans. That would be too complicated and too boring. I have my plans, but I am open to find a woman that changes my plans, because I am sure that if she is so great to change my plans, then its the greatest signal I know I have found someone really important. Maybe on this point tons of people do not agree with me, but that is me, I simply stick to the basics, I follow my instincts and do whatever leads me to be happy, and love is on top of the list.

So, what I am trying to say here, is that you have plans and I have plans, and I am willing to change mine for you, and walk with you to help you achieve yours, and then when the time is right, I am sure you will help me achieve my dreams, still, in this moment I have a bigger dream, which I am sure you know what it is, and in case you do not know, please stand up and take a look at the mirror, you will see who I am talking about. So I know we do not understand the reasons all of this has happened, and even more so, the strange manner in which it occurred, but even though nobody may understand it, it does not matter, because at the end of the day even if I have talked to you more than half of the time, I feel I can talk more and be happy (BE HAPPY - isn't this the final purpose in life?). Connecting with somebody is more valuable than thinking if this is normal. Finding a person who does not need to be by your side at all times to make you feel complete, is my definition of a soul mate. The time people talk to each other should not be measured or timed within the barriers of what is normal, because normality has lead so many lovers to failure, maybe the key in love is to be not normal, to follow your heart and stop feeling with your brain.

All of this are simple reflections of what I want to do, what is really important, and with all the hope, I ask you to take a chance on me, because I am sure you will never regret it.

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