Saturday, August 22, 2009

Financial equations of love

The origin of this thought is a conversation I had with the woman that currently captures all of my attention, and many more things I wont go into detail at the moment, but we can say she has all of me.

In no moment I want to address women as an investment, my intention is to make a comedy worthy approach on love in a language that most of my colleagues can understand, and in general to men, because when it comes to women, we have no clue of what we are doing, we are incredibly lucky all the time!

The financial market theory, says that the return on an investment, depends on the length and the risk profile. Therefore, a longer and riskier investment, will result in a higher return. The question is, can we also apply this equation to love?

So lets say, you are a guy, falling in love, or already in love. You find this girl that turns your world upside down, that simply makes you crazy, and without knowing it, suddenly you find yourself in love, what a surprise! Lets call the woman, the return.

Unfortunately (or fortunately in my case, since I have never liked simple and easy things) for you my friend this woman, has plans, work, studies, friends, and family. We can call this plans the market.

Now, you need to define an investment strategy, do you look for a long term investment, which will maximize the return, or simply go for a short term deal, that will give you benefits as well.

The risk, the most important factor, is that no matter if long or short term, she decides to take any other element of the market over you, or in simpler words, she does not choose you.

So in theory, the forces of the market, as well as the individual aspects of the selected stock (in this case your target) will influence the final outcome. So in this equation, you don't see yourself contained. The key aspect in this issue, is that you are the only able to influence this forces. How to do it, you know, the basics, be loyal, be there for her, listen to her, love her, make her feel beautiful all the time, make her laugh, give her love, give her passion, and give her all the things she does not expect. With this, she will decide. So your fate is in your hands. The heart of a woman in incredibly valuable, and you don't expect her to give it to someone who does not deserve it. Are you up for the challenge?

What to do and how to do it? These two questions definitely haunt your mind. The first thought is hope, you wish there was no risk at all, but wouldn't it be too boring? If there was no risk, there would be no pleasure in the conquest, and I am sure the romantic lovers of the past, who taught us the art of writing love letters and poems, composing songs, and doing any demonstration of love wouldn't be pleased at all.

So, in my case, I take my hope, even if its small, and work with it, because I know the return is incredibly high. Now that I have decided to invest my time and effort - by the way the currency you invest is your heart - I need to decide the time span. Short or long term, what do I really want? What do you really want? In love, a short term can be a fling, not even a relationship, some company, passion, calls, a couple of tears, and lots of fun. Long term has all of the above, but has hard work, has loyalty, real love, passion, friendship, makes you each the lover and accomplice of one another, and if you go all the way, has a lifetime of happiness in the company of your loved one. Well, for me that sounds amazingly interesting. Maybe its because of my risk profile, maybe due to my advanced age I am looking for the real thing, as well since in the last years I have done my share of short term investments with no risk and only one type of benefit.

So I have my strategy, I'm going for the longest of terms, with all my currency in one basket, which increases dramatically my risk, all because I want the highest return of all, and I know who she is!

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