Thursday, June 4, 2009

Reaching out to the butterfly

Pouring a heart into a paper, letting your fears take over you for a second, and then reaching your heart for courage in order to do the most heroic act, that is a difficult task, but you deserve them all. Believe is one thing, making someone else believe in you is more difficult. When talking of love, even harder.

Today I write to you, telling you to believe, to believe in me, and to believe in us, even though it existed for a short time, it proved to be stronger and more alive than many things that surrounds us, at least much more stronger than many things I have in my life.

I know that timing may not be the best, I know there are many reasons to be afraid, I know that many of the things I have done are difficult to understand, but one thing is true. My feelings are true. Life may have many things planned for you, for me, for us. I am not going to let my happiness go away. My heart was set up on fire, and I am not going to let that die. Believe me, I am used to fighting alone, I know that doing things together is much easier, but it is not difficult to recognize such a beautiful feeling like the one you made me feel. It is not difficult to see the amazing woman you are, the great person you make me feel when i am with you. Therefore, I want you to know that for you, I would fight alone against all reasons, because hope can truly beat despair.

Am I crazy? most of people would say yes, but I guess none of them truly understand my heart. You have the power to change my plans by reminding me the only thing that is true in my life. That above all, love is my real goal in my life, after that, I can achieve all I want. You set my mind and my path on the right direction, once again I reminded myself of who I really am, and what I really want to do in life. For that I truly thank you. My heart and my life owe you for returning the true purpose into my life.

I am not asking for anything in return, I dont even ask for a word, I just hope that when you read this, you know it is for you, because it was your eyes and your lips on which I got inspired. I hope I can reach you, and show you how close I am right now.

Your smile, your look into my eyes, your soul, all of you, made me fall, completely, without any doubt.

For you I would walk on water, cause I know that you would catch me if I fall.

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